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Try This at Home: Eager Anticipation


This week, I want to share a very simple idea that was helpful to me. If it helps me, perhaps it will also help you.

Let me set the scene. Imagine that you are in a yoga studio at the end of a class. The room is warm and you feel comfortably stretched out and relaxed. There’s probably some sort of new-age music playing softly, perhaps with a tinkling stream and softly chirping birds. The instructor has a lovely South American accent, so you might want to try imagining that, too. Here’s what she said that resonated with me:

When you go to bed tonight, I want you say to yourself, ‘I can not wait to see what blessings I receive tomorrow.’ Maybe you’re not exactly where you want to be, but that’s okay. You’re on your way.

On Christmas morning, when Santa brings you a gift that isn’t exactly what you asked for, do you throw it out? No. You play with your toy anyway. If you do this one simple thing, if you go to sleep each night eager to find out what blessings you’ll receive the next day, you will not believe how much brighter the colors of the world will become.

I love this little morsel of advice. My wish for you is that you go to bed tonight eagerly anticipating that something joyous, something wonderful, maybe even something magical, will happen to you tomorrow.

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