Happiness, Try this at home

If You Like Pina Coladas

tropical drink

Once upon a time, I was sitting on the beach at the end of a lovely vacation. As I sat by the water sipping a pina colada and watching the sun set, I felt sad about going home. Then it hit me– I can do this whenever I want to. True, I didn’t live near the beach and I wouldn’t always be on vacation. But, I could drink pina coladas and watch the sun set any time I felt like it.  I could do it every single night if I wanted to. What’s stopping me? All I have to do is pull out the blender to make myself something tropical and vacation-y. I can even top it with one of those cute little umbrellas. Heck, I can put on a sarong and sip a tropical drink on a Tuesday night.

Sometimes I forget that I am allowed to have fun. Sometimes I forget that everything is a choice. I get so caught up in my routine and obligations that I hear myself complaining about all the things I “have to do.” Know what? It’s not true. All these things that fill our days, they are choices. I choose to do my work. I choose to do the laundry. I choose to take out the garbage and sort the recycling.  I choose to exercise. Most of the time, I choose to drink water instead of pina coladas with my dinner. I choose to stay inside most nights and not watch the sun set.

It is so easy to live in cages of our own making. So easy to feel limited by false beliefs, by limitations that aren’t even true. We are allowed to have more fun. We are allowed to be more free.

So here’s today’s challenge: Take a look at your day. What are you choosing to do? What do you want to do? What would add a little extra sparkle, a little extra magic to your day? Let’s look for ways to sprinkle our time with more laughter, more whimsy, more FUN. It’s allowed. Even on school nights. Even when you have any early meeting. Even if you’re not as successful/rich/thin/brave/pretty/young/whatever as you want to be. You’re allowed to have more fun right now, wherever you are. Let’s do this. Let’s choose to have more fun. Who’s with me?

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