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Let’s Go On Adventures

Lets Go On Adventures

One of my favorite lines is from a children’s book called Next Stop Grand Central by Maira Kalman. It goes like this:

“And trips are adventures. And adventures are new ideas and romance and you can’t ever know what in the world will happen which is exactly why you are going.”

As much as I love trips, I like applying this idea to life in general even better. We don’t always know where the adventures of life will take us. Sometimes that’s part of the fun. You may think you know where you are heading, and then life throws you a curve ball and knocks you off track. You end up on a new trajectory and you’re not exactly sure where it will take you. Life is ever-changing. As much as you whinge and cling to what you know, sooner or later change is inevitable. And that’s okay. Maybe that’s even good.

I know living with uncertainty can be uncomfortable. If you find yourself feeling lost and off course and squirming without a map, here’s a suggestion: put on your detective hat and allow yourself to collect clues.

Let your life be a mystery that you pursue with curiosity. Be an observer, watching and gathering information. This allows you to distance yourself a little from the outcome. If things don’t go your way, sure, you may be disappointed, but the good news is that you’ve gathered information about what works and what doesn’t.  So failure isn’t really a failure– it’s a clue. It’s data, and data isn’t good or bad. It’s just data.  No experience is wasted—it’s all information for you to store away until you have enough clues to piece your story together.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Go On Adventures”

  1. Tara, I love this idea! Just another clue, and another one. So true. I’m not sure why we all get caught up in failure and success every step along the path??? I think we need to look long-term, to accept the clues like you say, and piece them together. You expressed it so beautifully!


  2. I love this perspective. Change can be tough, especially if it means changing careers because our identities are often so caught up with what we do for a job.
    I left teaching last year and it prompted me to start writing. First a blog, now I’m working on a book. It’s not always easy but it feels ‘right’ for me.
    That’s the main thing, right?!
    Sarah http://www.livechicandwell.com


    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for your comment. I’m glad it made sense to you. I know what you mean about identities being linked to our jobs. I think that “right” feeling is a good sign that you’re on the right track. 🙂

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