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Ask Yourself This Question

sparkler at dusk

This week, I counted my blessings. Of course, I should be doing this every week and I usually do. But the way I framed it this week felt a little different, so I thought I would share it with you.

I asked myself this question:

What is in my life now that I once wished for?

Thinking in this way helped remind me of all the things that I once dreamed of that are now a part of my every day life. There are probably things and people in your life now that you once wished for too.


A partner

A child

A teacher

A friend

Better health

An opportunity

A feeling

We talk a lot about living in the moment, but sometimes I find that detaching the present moment from the past and future isn’t all that helpful. When I am feeling sad or sick, a part of me feels like I will always feel this way. Then I have to remind myself that everything is temporary. The future will be different; this too shall pass.

Likewise, remembering the feelings of desire for things that are now in my life helps me to fully appreciate them. Putting myself back in the past and recalling that want, that wish, and connecting it with all that is here now, helps me to feel fresh gratitude for my dreams come true.

On another note, I have a confession to make. It has been weeks since I’ve done any writing. My manuscripts are gathering virtual dust. There are several reasons I haven’t been writing lately, which probably deserve a separate post. The problem is that the longer I’m away from writing, the harder it feels to get back into it. There’s a reason people refer to their writing practice– it is a practice. And so, I’m publicly committing to writing, at least a little bit, every weekday.

According to the book The Story Cure, every story must include an Invisible Magnetic River. This is the intangible force that carries the reader along and draws each element of the narrative toward it. “And though the occupants of a boat on a river may not know where they are headed, the current always knows.” It’s such a beautiful metaphor. I believe that stories– my own and other people’s–are part of my own Invisible Magnetic River. I can’t always see it and I don’t know where it’s going, but I feel it pulling me along.

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