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What Questions are You Answering?


Reframing with New Questions

I have a bad habit of writing my to-do lists on little scraps of paper and then losing them. This means, of course, that I have to write a new list that includes “find other lists.” Clearly, it’s a flawed system.

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Do Clothes Affect Our Mood?


I recently read Finding Your North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live by Martha Beck. I loved it; it was smart, funny, and full of good advice. While this book led to several deep insights, today I’m sharing one that is probably the most superficial, yet easiest to implement. Such is life. (Side note to my bibliophile friends: Do you use BookBub? If you use an e-reader, it’s a fabulous way to discover new and interesting books. And they’re all free or discounted!) Continue reading “Do Clothes Affect Our Mood?”

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Try This at Home: Look at the Horizon


I am now living closer to the ocean than at any other time in my life. For most of my life,  I lived in a landlocked city that required 4-5 hours of driving for a glimpse of the sea. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy being closer to a coast now. I find it completely mesmerizing, almost addictive, to stare at the ocean and watch the sunlight sparkle on the water. To gaze at the horizon, where the ocean meets the sky. Continue reading “Try This at Home: Look at the Horizon”

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Three Ways to Make Your Morning Happier

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I am not much of a Pollyanna by nature. I am more of a Pollyanna in training. I often have to remind myself to look for the positive. I find that if I can start my day with a pleasant morning, the whole day feels more positive. Here are three habits that help me start my day with a happy heart. Continue reading “Three Ways to Make Your Morning Happier”