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Hello my friends! How was your week? I collected some fun things from around the internet this week. I hope there’s something here that you’ll enjoy.


Cactus flowersHave a beautiful weekend!

P.S. Check out my interview at My Home My Sanctuary as part of the new Wednesday’s Wonderful Women series.

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Flowing with the River

river with green trees

As I may have mentioned to you once before, after reading Finding Your North Star by Martha Beck I did a visualization exercise about my future life. I imagined myself in a light and airy home with big windows and pale wood floors. And this home was perched on the edge of a river. It wasn’t a place or a river that I recognized, so ever since I have been checking out all the rivers I pass, thinking: Could you be the one? Are you my river?

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What’s Your Story?


tea and book by a window

Rethinking Your Personal Narrative

Have you ever noticed how two people can come from nearly identical situations, but tell completely different stories about their lives? Maybe they both survived a tragedy, but one is a victim and the other is a survivor. Maybe one is wise and uses her experience to help others, while the other hides away in fear. Same situation, different stories.

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves


Hello friends! A few of you who have been following me for a while may recognize this post. I wrote a version of this last year for another blog. I am resurrecting it here because I think the theme fits well with the topics I like to write about on Done and Left Undone. Plus, I think it’s a good story and worth repeating. I consider it to be a lesson in optimism and perspective. My apologizes for not providing original content today, but I am going to sneak off and use my time to write something new. 

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