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Multitasking is Turning Me into a Zombie

foggy road

I have a bad bruise on my left arm. It’s several inches wide and currently fading from blue to brown. It  looks like it hurt. It probably did hurt. I have no idea, however, because I have no idea what caused it. This is a bad sign, my friends. It means that I’ve been in a fog, on autopilot, and not fully aware of I’m doing. It means that I’m hurtling my body through space and time, occasionally ramming into things, and it doesn’t even penetrate my awareness.

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What Questions are You Answering?


Reframing with New Questions

I have a bad habit of writing my to-do lists on little scraps of paper and then losing them. This means, of course, that I have to write a new list that includes “find other lists.” Clearly, it’s a flawed system.

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Clutter-Free Gifting and the 5 Love Languages

bouquet of flowers

Last month, I wrote a post for An Organized Life about Clutter-Free Gifting.  The idea behind “clutter-free gifts” is that they are either experiential or can be used up, without leaving  a lot of unwanted clutter behind. This is a topic I continue to be interested in, so I’ve been thinking about how clutter-free gifts work with the 5 Love Languages.

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