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Three Things I Learned on Vacation

person on mountain top

One of my favorite things about going on vacation is having more time to read. While I am too prone to motion sickness to read in a car, I am usually able to read on a plane. During several long flights, I ended up reading more over the past two weeks than I have read in the past few months. Here are a couple things I learned or thought about during my time away.

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Try This at Home: Look at the Horizon


I am now living closer to the ocean than at any other time in my life. For most of my life,  I lived in a landlocked city that required 4-5 hours of driving for a glimpse of the sea. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy being closer to a coast now. I find it completely mesmerizing, almost addictive, to stare at the ocean and watch the sunlight sparkle on the water. To gaze at the horizon, where the ocean meets the sky. Continue reading “Try This at Home: Look at the Horizon”