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What’s Your Story?


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Rethinking Your Personal Narrative

Have you ever noticed how two people can come from nearly identical situations, but tell completely different stories about their lives? Maybe they both survived a tragedy, but one is a victim and the other is a survivor. Maybe one is wise and uses her experience to help others, while the other hides away in fear. Same situation, different stories.

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Important and Not Urgent

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Last year, I finally got around to reading Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It took me ages. Although this book came out almost 30 years ago, there was still a waitlist at my local library.  Once I finally got a copy, it took me a surprisingly long time to read. I found it to be incredibly soothing– too soothing, obviously–because I kept nodding off every time I sat down to read it. In the meantime, I was moderately effective at best. 🙂

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Let the Light In


Happy New Year, Friends! I was slow to warm up to 2018, but now I’m all in and full of fire. I feel so full of light right now. Some of that is because of the beautiful Aussie summer sunshine, but it’s also more than that. Sometimes it takes some conscious effort to dust away the cobwebs and let the light shine through.

Here are a couple things that work for me:

  • Lose the clutter. Let’s figure out what matters to us and shake off the rest. By clutter, I’m not just talking about the stuff that fills our homes. I’m talking about all the mental and emotional stuff– all the things that clog your spirit and weigh you down. Let it go. Say no when you want to say no. Guard your time like the precious resource it is. Make more room for people and love and life.
  • Get outside. Look up, look down, look all around. Soak in all the beauty of nature. Make time for sunrises, sunsets, stargazing, and picking flowers. And while you’re out there, move your body. Get a little exercise in the fresh air.
  • Pay attention to what makes you happy. Do more of that. Maybe you don’t know right now what makes you happy. So collect data. Pay attention to what you’re doing when you’re feeling good and look for more opportunities to do your feel-good things.
  • Celebrate. Use the good dishes. Drink a pina colada on a Tuesday.  Have some fun.

What works for you? Here’s to a great big, glowing 2018.

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If You Like Pina Coladas

tropical drink

Once upon a time, I was sitting on the beach at the end of a lovely vacation. As I sat by the water sipping a pina colada and watching the sun set, I felt sad about going home. Then it hit me– I can do this whenever I want to. True, I didn’t live near the beach and I wouldn’t always be on vacation. But, I could drink pina coladas and watch the sun set any time I felt like it.  I could do it every single night if I wanted to. What’s stopping me? All I have to do is pull out the blender to make myself something tropical and vacation-y. I can even top it with one of those cute little umbrellas. Heck, I can put on a sarong and sip a tropical drink on a Tuesday night.

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