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Transformation vs. Liberation

drop of water

The past two years for me have been all about letting go and leaving things behind. My house, my furniture, and most of my possession live half a world away. Beyond that, I’ve released, or at least loosened my grip, on a lot of other things, including friendships, aspects of my culture and identity, beliefs, and fears.

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Realm of Possibility

narrow walls

Lately my daughter has been musing aloud about what she might like to be when she grows up. Maybe an artist. Maybe an astronaut. Maybe a scientist who cures cancer. Maybe the owner of a luxury dog hotel (?). I love listening to her talk this way. I don’t want it to change– I want her to continue to dream, to ponder all the possibilities. But one of the things that happens to all of us (or maybe just some of us?) is that the number of options available to us, of who we are and what we can do, shrinks over time. And then it shrinks some more. It’s almost bound to happen. We make one decision, and it means not choosing something else. And we continue choosing as we go along, until what’s left is incredibly narrow and specific.

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